Welcome to Avänt Candle

Discover our highly-concentrated, slow burning candle formula that emits a nuanced and complex fragrance, consistently, whether dormant or active.

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The 365 Annual Candle

One candle that lasts for An entire yeaR

Four Layers, Four Seasons, One Candle

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The Seasonal Sensorial Journey


We layer each fragrance with subtle nuances leading the olfactory on an exploratory sensorial journey on each burn. Discover unique notes along the way.


Seasonal Membership

Receive A complimentary seasonal travel set Then Choose your Favorite

Enjoy complimentary shipping and over $275 in complimentary candles over the course of an annual subscription.

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Private Label + Custom Fragrances


Elevate your brand through an exclusive scent experience.

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Not Your Everyday Candle Guy

Here are a few things you'll soon learn abouT Levi Austin

He’s worked at some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world. He's a millennial entrepreneur. He holds a dual degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. In his free time helps his friends re-design their spaces. Oh - and most of the furniture in his living room he built himself. 

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