The Seasonal Membership

Choose Your Seasonal Scent Scape


how it works

On the first day of the month, prior to a new season beginning (e.g., June 1st for Summer,) we ship our members one seasonal travel set (set of four) to sample the season.

Upon receipt, members receive an email to choose their desired seasonal scent. We ship one (1) mid-sized, 38-oz candle (180-hours or approx. 3-month burn time) to enjoy all season long.


  • (1) Complimentary Travel Set ($60 value) with Each Mid-Sized, 3-Month Candle Purchase ($90 value)
  • Over $275 in Complimentary Candles with 1-year Membership
  • Complimentary Limited Edition Candles throughout the Year
  • One-Time Ground Shipping with 1-year Membership
  • Priority Access to Seasonal Collection 1-month prior to Seasonal Scent Release


memberships are non-refundable



summer 2018


4 x seasonal travel sets, set of four each
4 x mid-Sized 38-oz Candles, one each +
One-Time Ground Shipping Rate within the U.S.**

**excludes hawaii and alaska

Mailing Dates

      Summer Valid Through September 1st  | Start Today!

      • Preview Set  |  June 1st
      • Scent Confirmation  |  June 10th
      • Ship Date  |  June 15th


      • Preview Set |  September 1st
      • Scent Confirmation  |  September 10th
      • Ship Date  |  September 15th

      Winter  |  V

      • Preview Set  |  November 25th
      • Scent Confirmation  |  December 10th
      • Ship Date  |  December 15th


      • Preview Set  |  March 1st
      • Scent Confirmation  |  March 10th
      • Ship Date  |  March 15th


      giving the candle as a gift?


      simply enter your payment information and choose the desired delivery address of the recipient. if you'd like to provide a custom note email with the message you'd like to include with your gift


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