Because mother's day Should last longer than one Day... 

Giving a candle as a gift is all about discerning the personality of the receiver. Is she elegant and timeless, is she bright and energetic, does she need a day at the spa? Our top three Mother's Day Gifts are perfect.


"The mother in my life is.....

...Elegantly Refined, Timeless, & Youthful"


Signature Chic

Inspired by elegance and femininity, the Signature Chic candle represents refined floral arrangements showcasing the most seasonal florals.  This fragrance is a beautiful blend of red currents, English ivy, lilacs and violets with the gentle undertone of crushed rose petals. A classic, energetic refinement on the traditional room fragrances.

Red Currant . English Ivy . Lilac

Orchid . Peony . Rose

"The mother in my life is.....

...Energetic, Cheerful, & Vibrant"


Spring Chic

Our Spring Chic fragrance highlights the sweetness of Japanese honeysuckles and the delicate perfume of true peonies, a beautiful and energizing spring scent. Delicate notes of fennel and fresh grass accentuate the verdant floral tones. A beautiful and energizing spring scent is perfect gift for mom this season!

Honeysuckle . Tulip . Peony

Bay Leaf . Anise . Fern

"The mother in my life.....

...Loves a relaxing day at the spa"


Spring Savory

Our Spring Savory candle is like waking up on an early Spring morning and strolling through the backyard garden. The grass and plants are blanketed with dew drops. The gated garden is bountiful of ripe cucumbers, aromatic mint, fresh herbs, and petite green tomatoes. Pick the first cucumber of the season and slice it open exposing the mouthwatering vein of seeds. The aroma of pure cucumber, neighboring garden mint and gentle kiss of dew drops and fresh grass represent the beginning of the perfect Spring day.

Cucumber . Mint . Rich Soil

Fresh Grass . Fern . Dew

Gift Sets

A collection of all four signature fragrances: Chivalry, Chic, Savory, Niche



The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift

Give mom our truest Avänt Candle. Made to showcase four of our most characteristic seasonal fragrances without bounds. Begin with experiencing Spring florals peeking through the snow laid ground. When Summer arrives enjoy the delight of fresh tomato leaves, basil and olive blossom. During the transition from Summer to Autumn enjoy the earthy scent of leaves falling and rich soil blanketing the ground. Finish off with the warming fragrance of Fraser Fir and warming fireplace.


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